Our leadership team provides guidance, accountability, and resources to ensure the utmost integrity and efficiency in all that we do. 

Damon Wallace, Founder and President.  Damon is a Master Beekeeper through the University of Georgia / Young Harris College Bee Institute and member of the Board of Directors.  He lives in Opelika, Alabama.

Richard Battles, Secretary.  Richard is a planner, organizer and an information specialist.  He is employed with Lee County Board of Education.  He lives in Opelika, Alabama.

Linda Wyckoff, Treasurer.  Linda is a long-time beekeeper and is employed as a Librarian.  She lives in Wetumpka, Alabama.

Alan Langston, Alanholds an MBA and Engineering degree and is employed in the aerospace industry. He lives in Conyers, Georgia.

Debbie Murphy – CPA.  Debbie hold MAcc and RTRP credentials and serves as the association’s accountant.  She lives in Auburn, Alabama.