Our mission is the promotion of honey bees and beekeeping in Haiti to provide family income, encourage the creation of cottage industries, and improve family-grown food products by increasing pollination.

what we do

We provide education services to novice and seasoned beekeepers in Haiti by:

  • Conducting beginner beekeeping courses
  • Providing mentorship to young beekeepers
  • Providing materials and bees to those beekeepers who cannot afford them
  • Teaching agriculture related subjects that will enhance the sustainability of the family’s apiary
  • Teaching basic business concepts and practices to improve the fiscal soundness of the beekeeper's family business
  • Traveling to Haiti two times a year for face-to-face, hands on training with the individual(s) we are developing as the local trainer/mentor for the community
  • Using email and social media to communicate between visits.
  • Sending items and information with team members from our cooperating non-profits as they make their trips to Haiti throughout the year
  • Shipping heavy items via a Haitian shipping company in Orlando, Florida, using their weekly 40-foot container shipments.  The shipper offers us a very generous freight rate all the way through customs and safe, secure reception by our agents in Port au Prince

There is evidence that apiculture — the art and science of keeping and harvesting bee colonies — dates back more than 15,000 years, with jars of harvested honey even found in the grave of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen.